Chamber of Commerce Members

Grow Your Business and Help the Mansfield Chamber

Hello Fellow Members,

As fellow Entrepreneurs we recognize attracting and retaining the right talent is very competitive. Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization and creating a positive culture, running the business and keeping everyone focused is as much work as satisfying your customers. The question is “How to balance time between growing your business and improving company culture?” an HR partner could help provide the solution.

ProxyPay has partnered with the Mansfield Chamber of Commerce to offer HR, Insurance and Payroll solutions. As a firm we negotiate with Insurance Brokers to lower rates, integrate technology to streamline labor costs and the administration of benefits. All through a single cloud based platform.

We are entrepreneurs focused on helping small and medium likeminded business owners focus on what they do best, business. We’re out chasing our dreams and we can help you achieve yours.

To start out, I would enjoy sitting down to understand your business goals and discuss areas of your business you would like to improve.

Mansfield Chamber members receive analysis and services free for the first 90 days and ProxyPay will make a Mansfield Chamber Donation in the name of your Company.

We are committed to serving our community and The Mansfield Chamber. Visit us online at or email me at to schedule a Free Business Analysis.

Together we can grow your business.

Andy Priddy
Business Strategist