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What Sets Proxypay Apart

We are committed to taking a hands-on, personal interest in your company to provide the best, customized service in the industry.

With ProxyPay you can outsource your HR and payroll headaches and responsibilities. Running a business can be fun, but stressful. Make sure you have all the right tools to optimize your time and focus on your business. 

Partnering with ProxyPay will make your business processes more efficient, improve your bottom line and help you drive your top line revenues.

ProxyPay’s 21st century technology platform automates time cards, tax calculations, garnishments and benefits through one interface, one login. 

All Great Change In Business

Has Come From

Outside The Firm, Not From Inside.

- Peter Drucker -

Management consultant, educator, and author


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HR and Payroll Administration

These tasks take time away from actually doing the things that generate revenue for your business. Getting them done correctly is vital to employee satisfaction. Outsourcing these tasks saves you time and money.

Digital On-boarding and HR Support

How long does it take to get a new hire into your system? Let us take care of all the details, our digital interface turns an hour of work into a few minutes.

New Hire and Labor Cost Analysis

Our management system can calculate all benefits and contributions in real time, lost premium collections are a thing of the past. No recalculations for birthdays or life changing events. ProxyPay gets it right every time.

Health Insurance and Retirement Plans

Use ProxyPay’s reports to drill down to P&L per department or job-site. Our analytics can help create rolling audits to reduce workers’ comp costs and get in-depth details on employee productivity.


You save time

Our integrated platform gives you access to your time and attendance, tax rates, IRS filings, insurance relationships, W-2's, paystubs, garnishments, workers’ comp, insurance programs, PTO. Everything is available 24/7 in one single location with one login. Employees can print documents directly from our website. 

We integrate all the information you need into one interface: insurance, garnishments, levies, liens, PTO, assessments, insurance, stubs and more. We process it all, analyze it, and remit it. That's ProxyPay.

It's what we d

Improve productivity with a heartfelt human touch and shed unnecessary burden so you can focus on what you do best!